What do you expect from this training?

Virtual Reality has become an increasingly valuable tool in learning and development. VR enables Work through troubleshooting products and repair equipment by outlining the steps and guiding the learner to work through the problem step by step.

The main features the application are :
- Fully immersive experience as Virtual reality is immersive, or it wouldn't be virtual reality.
- Step by step guide with some UI elements and material shading.
- Additive sound effects with triggering drill for more immersiveness.

Project Screenshot

Built on

Oculus Quest 2

Software used

Unity 3D

Future Scope

This is my first VR project with Oculus Quest 2 and Unity. Will be working on more immersive and bigger projects in a variety of domains as VR enables us to explore any virtual environment. Stay tuned with my portfolio will be uploading more interesting project in AR/VR domain.

Thank You!

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