Automatic Atomic Structure

An application that allows you to scan your hand-drawn electronic shell structures, read them dynamically, and convert them to an auto-generated 3D model. The model can be viewed and interacted with in an Augmented Reality environment.

The main features the application are :
- Can scan thorugh our hand drawn structures.
- Detect number of electrons in an image.
- Dynamically generate the 3D atomic structure model with input of number of electron.
- Also consist of Augmented Reality feature for realtime visualization and interaction with the model.


Engage in real-time

The project aims to make learning easy for students who would love to learn more about atomic structures. It is a visual learning aid created using Augmented Reality, it is intended to make learning fun and simple.

Find your drawing and scan it!

Head over to atomic structure drawing and scan it using the app!

Get the information regarding the element!

Once the element has been scanned, you’ll see the name of our element on your screen. It’s not just that, we’ve added some trivia and cool facts regarding the element. You get to know it’s atomic number, it’s boiling point, melting point and a lot more.

View the element in Augmented Reality

Now we get to the fun stuff. Click on ‘View in AR’, hover your camera around and find a suitable horizontal surface to place your model.

AR View

Tap on the marker to load the model. You now get to visualise and interact with your model. Have fun learning!

Technology Used






Future Scope

We have just hit the tip of the iceberg here. We plan to build much more exciting visual aids with the help of AR, related to the field of chemistry in continuation with this project. Our main objective is to make chemistry as real and visual as possible. We intend to make this project into a platform that will make learning fun and more visual.

Team Members

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